Local News

KYOU News Story, Friday, 8/18/2017, 150 Year Old Celebration

150 years is a long time for anything to be around...but that's the length of time one house in Davis County has stood…and the Davis

KYOU News Story, Friday, 8/18/2017, Jubilee Book Bag Giveaway

With the first day of class for some only about a week away... school supplies seem to be on everyone's mind... but some families can't

National News

NASA Solar Eclipse

https://www.nasa.gov/eclipse2017 NASA Solar Eclipse

Right This Minute

Twerk Responsibly & Don’t Go Climbing Water Fountains!

A little "twerk" never killed nobody, but it certainly makes for a hilarious fail on this Cancún party boat. One second the queen of twerk

Sassy Toddler Gives Boy A Piece Of Her Mind

Oooooo Sayer is in trouble and Mila is going to let him know he did wrong. This sassy little chica caught Sawyer at the park