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KYOU News Story, Monday, 11/20/2017, The Conversation

Last week we told you about the Legacy Foundation and about how the organization got started and where it is today... tonight, in the second

KYOU News Story, Monday, 11/20/2017, IHCC Parenting Grant

Indian Hills Community College recently received a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health for $360,000 to help aid students who are parents or

National News

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

http://www.raycomnewsnetwork.com/story/36750841/alabamas-robert-trent-jones-golf-trail-offers-world-class-golfingand-was-funded-in-a-surprising-way The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is an incredible collection of 26 golf courses that are scattered into just about every corner of the state

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Twerk Responsibly & Don’t Go Climbing Water Fountains!

A little "twerk" never killed nobody, but it certainly makes for a hilarious fail on this CancĂșn party boat. One second the queen of twerk