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Community leaders to start C3 initiative. Cradle, College, Career

By Jeff Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) -“There is an urgency for change in Ottumwa.” Alarming numbers have prompted action in Ottumwa. “53 percent of high school seniors from Ottumwa High School enroll in college. Wapello County has one of the lowest rates of adults in the county that have a degree.”
Leaders in the community are banding together to create a new initiative. “We are introducing to you today, C3. Its long name is Cradle, College, Career” Making it easier for people in Ottumwa and Wapello county to go to school.

“We’re going to bring businesses, agencies, organizations, individuals of the street and help them see the opportunities.” Rather than confusing choices of where to go, what your options are, and if you can even apply. You will now be able to go to one organization, c3, for answers or they can even come to you.

“Whether it be at their workplace. Whether it be at a church or other organization. Where parents gather and are part of the community. We want to bring the message of these are the opportunities for their children.”

How to apply for classes, which classes to take, and how to get financial aid, to pay for it all. C3 can even help with mentoring programs for adults. “Vocational schooling, apprenticeship programs,” even businesses are on board.

“They’re interested in increasing education, so they have a quality workforce. From an economic development standpoint, we’re able to recruit those industries in that will help out community.
It does develop a stronger economy, when you have folks that are educated in your community.”


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