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Ottumwa Christian School Fire Update

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – While Ottumwa Christian School picks up the pieces of their School, and prepares to move on to their new location, The Ottumwa Fire Department is searching for answers.
“The Fire was obviously intentionally set. It was obviously someone being mischievous that set this Fire. We just need to stop these types of actions.”
For the last few weeks, the Department has been investigating the Fire.
They know how the Fire started.
“No flammable liquids were present. Just common combustibles inside the School, were ignited.”
How it spread.
“It was a small Fire, closed compartment. Being after dark allowed it to grow and grow and grow.”
And why it did the damage that it did.
“No sprinkler system. Some of the other Fire saving devices were not in place. Fire doors things like that. Which allowed a small Fire to obviously create smoke. And infiltrate the whole building. And that’s why the building is no longer habitable is because of all the smoke damage.”
What they don’t know, is who may have started the blaze.
“Just so we can try to gather some suspects narrow some things down.  Gather as much information as we could. Those kind of things led to a dead end. So now we’re releasing to the public, asking for the public’s assistant.”
If you have any information about the Fire, or who started the blaze.

Please call the Ottumwa Fire Department at 641-683-0666 or the Ottumwa police Department at 641-683-0661. They could use your help.


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