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8 Year Old Speaks Out Against EpiPen Controversy

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – 8-year-old Linnea Ljeosenvorr has one thing on her mind.
“There’s been shootings and stuff. Lots and lots of people are already dying. But even more will die if the EpiPens get more expensive,” said Linnea Ljeosenvorr.
Linnea is one of millions of people who depend on the EpiPen injector to be there to save their lives in case of an allergy attack.
“I’m allergic to strawberries, oranges and tomatoes. I have rashes, sometimes I have trouble breathing.  Worse I’ve had is a severe rash, and having to go the bathroom every few minutes. And the worst part about it, was we were on a long car trip”.
A few years ago, a 2 pack of EpiPens cost only a hundred dollars. Today, Linnea’s mother Marie, a pharmacist says it costs 600 dollars for the same set of pens.
“I’m kind of worried that sometimes that eventually that we won’t be able to buy them anymore. Sometime I might need to use one and my family might not be able to afford one. And I might not one, and I might need to use one.”
The company Mylan who sells the pens, currently offers a savings card that provides up to $100 savings for each of three EpiPen 2-packs. They also say that nearly 80% of commercially insured patients last year that used the savings card got the injectors for free. Linnea’s parents don’t have the savings card. So they will continue paying out of their own pocket, to keep an EpiPen around.
“I’ve never had to use one. But just in case, I’m supposed to have one with me quite often.” Keeping her safe, in the case of an attack.


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