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Ottumwa Man Sets Fire to Car in Broad Daylight

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – According to a police complaint, this is the video that led law enforcement to the man who allegedly set this car on fire on Chester avenue in Ottumwa on August 9th.
“We were able to identify a suspect, Casey Arter, and he was subsequently charged with 3 felony charges.”

Arter faces charges of 2nd degree arson, incendiary materials, and 2nd degree criminal mischief for this bold afternoon torching of this car in an alley way in direct sight of a neighbor’s surveillance camera.
“Broad daylight. People out in their yards. Kids playing. Someone just pours gasoline in a car and sets it on fire in broad daylight, that’s a statement there in itself I guess.”
Officials can’t say his motive, but do admit that the alleged suspect knew the owner of the blackened vehicle. And that the fire threatened the well-being of the lives and homes of those living nearby.
“Obviously there is a danger. We have houses between 25-30 feet of this. If it wouldn’t have been spotted if someone didn’t report it. It could have grown into a bigger fire.”
Officials say certain details from the video helped them identify Arter as the suspect who they believe committed the crime. But would not divulge what those details were.


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