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Ottumwa High School Student Arrested for Assaulting Two Police Officers

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – An 18 year old Ottumwa High School student allegedly assaults two Police officers, after being asked to pick up his low hanging pants.

“We expect more of ourselves. We expect more of our students just in their everyday living.”, said Hanson.
Ottumwa High School principal Mark Hanson preaches honor, respect, and professionalism in the students attending his School. But on Wednesday, that quest for professionalism, backfired with 18-year-old student Venhure Tsegay, at the Accelerated Career Academy campus of the School.

“There are rules we have toward dress code. And language and that sort of thing. He was asked to pull his pants up.” hanson
According to an Ottumwa Police Department report, Tsegay didn’t just refuse the request, he allegedly started slamming doors, breaking off a doorstop and hitting a fire extinguisher cabinet.

“ Police responded out there, told the individual he was to be placed under arrest. At that time, the individual began to physically resist the officers. He attempted to hit one of the officers, and bit another one.” Lt. Chad Farrington.
According to the Police report, the student allegedly tried to kick one officer in the face, and allegedly bit another officer on the knee. But instead of pulling a gun, the officers subdued the student, and sent him to jail.
“They used good judgement in this case. You know talk to people first. And then if it comes to having to physically restrain and subdue they will do that.”

Venhure Tsegay has been charged with simple assault of a Police officer, serious assault of certain occupations with a second officer, and criminal mischief in the 5th degree regarding the School district.
“We try to handle our students as sensitively as we can”, Mark Hanson

Currently Tsegay is out of jail and waiting trial. He is of course innocent until proven guilty. Ottumwa High School principal mark Hanson says the School system is still contemplating what to do with the student, after this incident.

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