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Oxford house helps women recover from addictions while giving them a place to stay

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – A drug and alcohol recovery House in Ottumwa taking an alleged financial hit to their operating budget.  According to an Ottumwa police report, more than 4-thousand dollars taken out of the Oxford House account.  According to a member of the House they’re barely scraping by.

“You’re going on with your life. You look amazing. And you’re getting back at life,” said Ashley Stafford, a resident at the Oxford House in Ottumwa.

It’s all about being positive at the Oxford House in Ottumwa. “ I don’t need to hide my feelings or cover them up or numb them,” said Nannetta Ford a resident of the house.

The house offers more than just a place to stay for women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It offers hope and support.

“When you’re beginning in recovery. You can’t just decide to go out there on your own and think you are going to make it.  You need support of others. You need support of a recovery group,” said Ford.

For Nannetta Ford it’s made all the difference in the world. “I came here and bought a large quantity of Meth every time I came,” said Ford

In 2013, the drug finally caught up with her. She was arrested for Possession of Meth. Serving 11 months in the Wapello County Jail. Coming out of her time behind bars, with nothing. “Because of my criminal history I’m working at a job. That isn’t exactly designed for someone to live out on her own,” said Ford.

Tempted by the demons of her past. “I was worried I was going into relapse mode,” cried Ford.

This Oxford recovery House named Humility, saved her from suffering a similar fate.

“Three NAA meetings a week, we prefer more. Outpatient treatment therapy. And fellowship is not mandatory but we push for that. Building the support groups so you can like yourself again,” said Stafford.

Turning to hugs and support, rather than the drugs that devastated her life. “Your turn,” said Ford as she hugged Stafford.

The Oxford House is holding a benefit spaghetti dinner at Happy Joe’s on Church Street in Ottumwa, on October 13th. A silent auction will be part of the event. They’re hoping to make up some of the money that was lost, at the event.

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