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Klein Vs Miller, House District 78

By Aaron Riggs

OTTUMWA (IA) – Two candidates are running for the open seat in the Iowa House of Representatives’ District 78. Running for the two-year term is incumbent candidate Jarad Klein (R) and Josh Miller (LB).

Klein is seeking his fourth term as a representative. He’s 35-years-old and is a fifth generation farmer living with his wife and children north of Keota.

Miller works for Washington County Mini Bus as a paratransit driver. The 26-year-old lives in Washington with his wife. Miller says he’s running for office due to unsatisfactory representation by the incumbent.

KYOU asked each candidate about their position on budget priorities and taxes. Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

“I will not change from the position I’ve held since before I was elected. Very simple, we’re not going to spend more than we take in,” says Klein. “I didn’t vote for the gas tax”. “I don’t anticipate supporting any tax increases going forward”. “Education has been a priority since we’ve taken control the majority. That’s why we’ve pumped 500 billion dollars into that, and we’ve never cut it. People assume that there’s been cuts, but no there’s not been cut, it’s just they didn’t get as much as they wanted to have, because we were trying to balance that out. And I think one of the biggest areas we got to be very cautious of not taking more money out of is the justice system’s judiciary end of our budget. We need money in our prisons”. “ I think there’s a lot of waste within Department Natural Resources that we can find,” says Klein.

“I do want to keep a balanced budget. I actually am looking to shrink or do what I can to promote the shrinkage of state government and overreach,” says Miller. “I do want to fund our schools”. “We should be very tight on the DOT and make sure that our money is being used wisely”. “As far as taxes go I do not approve of raising any taxes or implementing any new taxes. I definitely think we’re hit hard enough as it sits, and if we’re still not pulling in enough money we need to be looking at how it’s being managed more than how it’s being pulled in,” says Miller.

Iowa’s temporary medical marijuana law will expire July 1st of next year. But a new law is expected to take shape during the next legislative session. So, we asked the candidates for their stance on medical marijuana. Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

“Well first of all the key is to recognize medicinal versus recreational. Absolutely no recreational,” says Klein. “I do believe we need to expand what we have on the number of people that should be able to get the medicine”. “But we’re going to rely on the experts. University of Iowa’s Dr. Joshi’s been working on this for a number of years”. “I’m not somebody who’s going to look for perfection in everything that we do. I don’t want to make perfect the enemy of good. So the first thing we got done with the CBD oils, that was a step in the right direction. Was it perfect? Nope. Was it good? Yes. And that’s what I’m going to do again,” says Klein.

“I favor whole-planet access and a very comprehensive list of conditions that qualify,” says Miller. “Our legislature has already, by approving this first bill, admitted that cannabis is medicine. We need to take it from there. We need to expand on it and get out from under big pharma”. “I believe it should be expanded beyond just medical. But, we need to take steps and we need to fight for every inch of ground we can get,” says Miller.
Watch the extended, full interview with the candidates below.

Jarad Klein

Josh Miller

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