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Taylor Vs Graber, Senate District 42

By Aaron Riggs

OTTUMWA (IA) – Two candidates are running in the race for the Iowa Senate seat in district 42. Running for the four year term is incumbent candidate Rich Taylor (D) and Danny Graber (R).

Taylor is seeking his second term as a senator. He’s 62-years-old and is retired after working 27 years as an air conditioning mechanic at the Iowa State Penitentiary. He lives south of Mount Pleasant.

Graber is 42-years-old and lives on his family’s farm south of Mount Pleasant with his wife and three kids. He formerly was a dairy farmer, and now works in automotive body and paint. Graber says he’s running because he wants to find solutions, rather than just talk about problems.

KYOU asked each candidate about their position on budget priorities and taxes. Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

“We’ve got to do better on funding for our kid’s education, especially K-12,” says Taylor. “What we could do is look at some of our tax credits that we’re giving out to large corporations. We could look at some of those tax credit funds that probably aren’t needed anymore”. “So I don’t think we’ll have to raise other taxes. I think we can, like I said, cut some of these tax credits that are unneeded and we’ll create a new revenue source just from what we already have”. “We’ve been pretty frugal, it’s been pretty tight since we did the commercial property tax cut,” says Taylor.

“I think it’s very critical to see where the money is going over,” says Graber. “Over the past eight years, money is put up for education to go there but somehow it doesn’t seem to get there. And that’s not working out”. “I don’t believe in raising taxes. I think lowering taxes would be better. I think you would bring in more revenue as far as lowering taxes. I think people spend more money, I think businesses will do better”. “And healthcare right now is a mess, managed care”. “Any way I can make for Iowans to pay less in healthcare, I would be all for that”. “If there was any extra money I think we should put it towards the water quality,” says Graber.

Iowa’s temporary medical marijuana law will expire July 1st of next year. But a new law is expected to take shape during the next legislative session. So, we asked the candidates for their stance on medical marijuana. Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

“I’m in favor of medical marijuana,” says Taylor. “It should never have been a Schedule One drug, it should be just like any other drug”. “We need to worry more about helping people than the phobias that we have about certain things”. “On the recreational side of it, people are going to use it anyway”. “If we controlled it and sold it like alcohol,” says Taylor.

“I wouldn’t allow it. I just simply wouldn’t, I would vote against it any way shape or form,” says Graber. “I’m not going to say it doesn’t work”. “I think if it does happen I think that it will get abused and I think it’s just going to lead to not good things”. “I’m totally against the recreational side. What Colorado did I’m not for”. “I know there’s other drugs out there that will work the same as or even better than marijuana and I think we should stick with that,” says Graber.

Watch the extended, full interview with the candidates below.

Rich Taylor

Danny Graber


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