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Heaton Vs Duncan, House District 84

By Aaron Riggs

OTTUMWA (IA) – Two candidates are running for the seat in the Iowa House of Representatives’ District 84. Running for the seat is incumbent candidate David Heaton (R) and Carrie Duncan (D).

Heaton is seeking his 12th term as a representative. Among other committees he serves on, he’s the co-chair for the Health and Human services budget committee. He’s 75-years-old and is retired from a long career owning and operating a restaurant. He lives in Mount Pleasant.

Duncan lives in the southeast corner of Lee county and works for American Ordnance, an ammunition manufacturer, as a munition operator. She’s 56-years-old and says she’s running because she believes it’s time for a new voice to represent the district.

KYOU asked each candidate about their position on budget priorities and taxes. Here’s a portion of what they had to say on the topic:

“Well my budget, which is the second largest budget in the state, I will be going over every line item, every line item in my my budget trying to find what is necessary and what is not necessary,” says Heaton. “We have to find the money to support our new reading program for kids”. “The whole legislature’s going to have to decide is what are we going to do about water quality and how are we going to pay for it”. “I really believe there has to be support from the people in my district to want or agree to a tax increase”. “The last time when we raised taxes was the gas tax, $0.10, and I had support in my community for that and I voted that way,” says Heaton.

“My intentions are not to raise taxes,” says Duncan. “There should be enough money”. “If there’s a need for a tax increase I feel myself, and I know others do too, an increase for that tax as long as it’s going for that funding is understandable.” “I would support things like our water quality”. “Our public education, for our mental health, for our veterans, we need to be paying more close attention to, those that have served us we should be serving. There needs to be more money funded for them to make them active in the community again,” says Duncan.

Iowa’s temporary medical marijuana law will expire July 1st of next year. But a new law is expected to take shape during the next legislative session. So, we asked the candidates for their stance on medical marijuana. Here’s a portion of what they had to say…

“When you see these kids who are suffering from their illnesses that the cannabidiol will work on their condition, your heart goes out to them,” says Heaton. “I’ve heard the governor this week say that he would support a law that would allow cannabidiol to be available inside the state”. “I have not made up my mind as to whether I would support the smoking of the substance for medical purposes”. “Do I support the use of recreational marijuana, not me,” says Heaton.

“We should be helping that pain level that they’re tolerating we shouldn’t be hindering it,” says Duncan. “The recreational use of marijuana..” “Marijuana could be taxed, if you taxed it and it would create, you know it would create a taxation that can be appropriated to use in our state governments,” says Duncan.
Watch the extended, full interview with the candidates below.

David Heaton

Carrie Duncan

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