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New Business to Provide 150 Jobs in Ottumwa

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) – A new business could mean new life for Ottumwa’s economy. More than 150 new jobs set to come to town.

“This is going to be the beginning of a long term relationship. Absolutely,” said Ottumwa Mayor Tom Lazio.
A big announcement in Ottumwa today. The city teaming with the legacy foundation to bring a new business, TLC and Associates to the area.

“ We’re going to be opening on Market Street what I call the old JCPenny building a new call in service center,” said Mayor Lazio. The call center. Will add more than 150 jobs to the area.

We have good strong clients from John Deere, to Verizon, to Optum Healthcare, Vonage,” said TLC & Associates President Thomas L Cardella.

With most applicants only needing a high school education. And the ability to pass a drug test.

“Individuals who can remain calm with an upset customer on the phone. If we have inbound call center job here for customer service. And if we do outbound business to business sales. We’ll look for people who will be more unscripted and free flowing in conversation,” said Cardella.

New infrastructure may be required to adjust to the influx of people to the area.

“That will include new sewer lines. New gas and electric. Water. That will improve our infrastructure so we do more development downtown” said Mayor Lazio.

Salaries starting at more than 9 dollars an hour plus incentives. That’s an estimated 3 million dollars in payroll added to the area.

“Those dollars typically will go through a community 3 times. So it will take that 3 million dollar payroll. And Iowa state would value that at 8 and 9 million dollars of economic impact,” said Cardella.

Whether its restaurant. Whether its clothing. Whether its supplies. All those things are going to be more in demand,” said Lazio.
The legacy foundation is helping TLC and Associates with the 400-thousand dollars it takes to get the location operational. They are expected to be fully functional by February of 2017.

TLC and Associates says they will start recruitment of employees at the Oskaloosa job fair on November 10th.The job fair runs from 4 to 6 pm on November 10th, at the Penn Central Mall. TLC and Associates will be just one of the 40 employers set to be there.

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