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New Chain of Gas Stations is Opening in Ottumwa

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) –  A new business is looking to make a splash in the area. Yesway opening their latest gas station on North Court Street in Ottumwa on November 11. They offered 20 cents off gas and all sorts of swag. The organization is also looking to create an impact in the community. Donating 5 cents of every cup of coffee to the United Way’s Reading Buddies program. That encourages 2nd and 3rd graders to improve their reading skills.  The coffee donation program runs all month, but they are hoping it’s effects, last a lifetime.

“Students have to read proficiently. They fall behind in the early grades they are less likely to succeed in the future. They are far less likely to graduate high school. So we need to focus on these children early,” said Blaire Siems from the United Way.

“If you want to be memorable. If you want to be unique. You want to do something special in the areas which you operate. You do things like this. You do things differently. You make an impact. And you stay true to what you say you are going to do over the long term,” said Darrin Samaha from Yesway.

There are currently four Yesway gas stations in Ottumwa, and one in Centerville, which will be participating in the coffee donation program.

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