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Ottumwa teenager has passed away from shooting earlier this month

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

UPDATE: Wapello County Juror’s Office charges Venhur Tsegay with first degree murder. Christian Madueno, 16, passed away this weekend from injuries sustained from a gun shot wound. Details on the story below.

OTTUMWA, IA (KYOU) -A 16-year old is in critical condition at the University of Iowa Health Center in Iowa City this evening. He’s the victim of a shooting in Ottumwa. The Ottumwa Police Department says they have the man in custody who is believed to be responsible. But investigation into the shooting is on-going.

Ottumwa Police are investigating the shooting of 16-year old boy, that happened along the 100 block of Taft circle in Ottumwa.

“The victim was dropped off at the hospital. And we were notified he was shot in the head with some kind of weapon,” said Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew.

A neighbor who wishes to be referred to have his identity withheld for safety reasons, says he was not surprised to learn this happened.

“Everyone knew something was going to escalate to this problem,” said the neighbor.

The man arrested for the crime, 18-year-old Venhur Yosef Tsegay was arrested just two weeks earlier, at the same location for disorderly conduct. According to a police complaint, Tsegay was accused of “yelling, cussing, and punching other male subjects who were involved.” Police are not releasing information on whether the incidents were related.

“ I would not release that information. But we still have a lot of witnesses to talk to,” said Chief McAndrew

The neighbor we spoke to, however says he believes the incident led up to the shooting.

“Arguments and fights. Two 3 weeks ago they were throwing bottles. and bricks. And had knives out here. And now it’s this,” said the neighbor.

He says he doesn’t personally know the shooting victim.

“I don’t even think he’s from here. I think he came here after something was started,” said the neighbor.

But says he does believe he knows what happened at the time of shooting.

“I believe he (Tsegay) left. Started some drama. And it followed him back. And he retaliated when they showed up,” said the neighbor.

He believes that there have been several disputes between Tsegay and another individual concerning a woman. But it’s not clear if the person that was shot, was the same person who the dispute was with previously.

According to Venhur Tsegay’s criminal record, from 2015-present,  he has faced charges for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon, allegedly choking a 6 year, and 2 charges for disorderly conduct. He also faces charges of allegedly assaulting three police officers last summer, at the Ottumwa high school ACA campus. He still has to go to court for those charges, as well as the Attempted Murder charge from Tuesday night.

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