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Truck crashes into Pella Wal Mart killing 3 people

By Jefferson Tyler, Multimedia Journalist

PELLA, IA (KYOU) – Three people are dead and two injured as a truck crashes into the Pella Walmart.  Pella’s community is reeling from the events.

Slightly before 10 in the morning. A whirlwind of silver, smashed through the front door of the Walmart in Pella. Killing 3 people, and injuring another. The force behind the destruction….a silver pick-up truck driving straight through the outside barricades, into the front door.

“They were coming at a high rate of speed. Because they clipped off that one side barricade. Just took it off like it wasn’t there,” said accident witness Jim Frank.
The driver of the truck was transported to the hospital with injuries.

“It does not appear like this is an intentional act. And I know that’s what people are probably wondering,” said Iowa State Patrol Public Information Officer Nate Ludwig.

Whether intentional or accidental, the community is clearly rocked by incident.

“Two of the victims were co-workers. And friends of mine. So I’m personally shaken by the losses,” said Don French who works at the Walmart.

He says one of the people killed was a new co-worker. The other, was a supervisor he’s known for quite some time.

“Someone I got along with well and considered a good friend,” said French.

French says the only way to deal with this type of pain, is for the community to come together.

“We’re a small community. And we’re a family here. We’ll come together and get through this,” said French.

The Iowa State Patrol says at this time they are still investigating why the driver, put the truck through Walmart’s front door. They hope to have more information on the crash in the near future. The condition of those who were injured, is not known at the time.

The Iowa State Patrol says the accident could have been much worse. If it happened on a busier day and time.

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