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KYOU News Story, Friday, 8/18/2017, Jubilee Book Bag Giveaway

With the first day of class for some only about a week away... school supplies seem to be on everyone's mind... but some families can't afford to get their kids what they need for the school year... one church in Ottumwa is stepping up, to help some of those children.

KYOU News Story, Thursday, 8/17/2017, Eclipse Glasses

An Amazon recall, could affect the health of people in the area... The Adair County Health Department is recalling 200 eclipse glasses, due to an alert from Amazon... A.O.S.H.R. solar eclipse glasses have been deemed as "not complying with industry standards"...USA Today says Amazon could not confirm the items came

KYOU News Story, Wednesday, 8/16/2017, From The Ground Up

Some of the best parts of the Iowa State Fair are the food, the rides, and the great entertainment acts...but another part of the fair is educating people on tonight’s From the Ground Up we take a look at the AG Park and its role in the fair...

KYOU News Story, Wednesday, 8/16/2017, Drought Affecting Business

The weather continues to wreak havoc on farmers in the area... what's going on, isn't good for farmers or for other businesses in the area... reporter Jefferson Tyler spoke to an Ottumwa business owner who you would not expect to be affected by the trickle down effect of the drought