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KYOU FOX 15.1 News Story, Monday, 2/19/2018, Crops Feed the World

Ten elementary school students spent their day participating in the first ever Crops Feed the World Program…students learned about everything involving crop science and crop production…all in effort to educate today’s children…no matter where they live… into future farmers… Watch KYOU FOX 15 News weeknights at 9PM! Follow us on Facebook &

KYOU FOX 15.1 News Story, Monday, 2/19/2018, Radio Controlled Airplanes

There were airplanes of a different sort flying inside Bridgeview Center over the weekend... radio controlled planes  took to the sky... well at least to the top of the building...  as members of the Radio Control Clubs from Ottumwa and Des Moines... were keeping their senses sharp and practicing flying their

KYOU FOX 15.1 News, Monday, 2/19/2018, Alex Barr Resigns – Official Statement

Official Statement Please accept this as my official resignation from the Ottumwa Community School Board.           I apologize to everyone associated with the Ottumwa Community School district, citizens, family, friends and especially those who supported me at the ballot box in September.   I deliberated regarding this decision with family and close friends.    At

KYOU FOX 15.1 News Story, Friday, 2/16/2018, Marsy’s Law

A Victims Rights Bill is making its way around the Iowa legislature...its known as Marsy’s Law...if passed the bill would become Iowa’s first Victim’s Rights Amendment in the constitution...however one local organization fears the bill because of the unknown system that the law could create in the state... Watch KYOU FOX

KYOU FOX 15.1 News Story, Friday, 2/16/2018, Reynolds at JBS

Governor Reynolds however, did get the chance to talk about mental healthcare...her budget... and renewable energy standards... she also talked about jobs and the need for skilled workers...she stopped at the JBS plant in Ottumwa.. to find out more about their training program... Jefferson Tyler has the details. Watch KYOU FOX 15