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KYOU News Story, Tuesday, 8/15/2017, School Board Votes

Last night we told you about a group of Ottumwa track athletes doing their part in hopes of upgrading the track that surrounds the football stadium…they accomplished their goal… as the school has agreed to make some changes to not only the track but the score board as well…

KYOU News Story, Monday, 8/14/2014, The Conversation

We showed you on Friday how the Kirksville School District is gearing up to teach kids about the science of the upcoming solar eclipse... that's just a fraction of the learning possibilities made available to the district's students... Jefferson Tyler talks with the man spearheading Kirksville's mission to educate their

KYOU News Story, Monday, 8/14/2014, Iowa Amusement Park Rides

The Iowa State Fair offering more amusement rides this year than ever before... but in the wake of the thrill ride accident that happened at the Ohio State Fair last month... Fairgoers are being cautious about what ride they climb into... Reporter Jefferson Tyler looked into what precautions are in

KYOU News Story, Monday, 8/14/2014, Track and Field Expansion

By now just about everyone knows that Schaffer Stadium is in the process of receiving an upgrade…almost everything in the complex is new except for one thing…the track that surrounds the field…a group of high schoolers has taken it upon themselves to change that…  

KYOU News Story, Friday, 8/11/2017, Movie Reviews

Tonight we introduce you to a new segment movie reviews... KYOU's Shawn June gives us a review of the movie "Kidnap" featuring Halle Berry....he sat down with the villain of the movie Lew Temple to give you a preview of the film...