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Guy Proposes To His Girl With Handmade Ring

When a man's in love, he'll do just about anything. So when Mike Boyd left a jewelry store empty handed, he knew what he had to do. As the master of learning things quickly, he took on the challenge of making an engagement ring from scratch (something he's never done

Family Pets React To Surprise Homecomings

  Leaving loved ones behind is almost unbearable, and we imagine our animal friends feel the same! If your pooches are excited already about you returning from the grocery store, can you imagine their "Welcome Home" reaction after many long months? It's safe to say we're all dog people after watching

Women Try 30-Day Roller Derby Challenge

  "Trying something new" sometimes seems overrated, but the ladies at Boldly strike gold when they resolve to try roller derby for 30 days. If you've ever watched a roller derby jam, you'll realize just how crazy (and bruising) this challenge actually is—especially when you're still learning to skate! Though some ladies get

Daughter’s Poetic ‘Happy Birthday Mom’ Speech

  This 5-year-old girl is such a natural with words, she might even grow up to become a poet. Daniela orders a birthday dessert for her mom, sings "happy birthday" and gives her a hand-drawn card. While all that is sweet and everything, this little girl is just getting started. How a

This Girl Survived A Lot, Now She Gets To Be A Bridesmaid

  Six years ago Jessica Torres was in a car accident that changed her life forever. She was launched from the vehicle and sustained serious brain damage. Since then she has fought off various illnesses and trips to the hospital. Putting all that aside, her brother Derrick is getting married to Nichole

Teen’s BFF Gives Him The Gift Of Color

  After some entrance tests for the Marine Corps, 17-year-old Brendan Sullivan discovered his color blindness had gotten increasingly worse. This news disappointed him as it limits the number of jobs available to him in the military. His buddy Anderson Voges just completed boot camp and used part of his paycheck

There’s No Rescue Too Hard For Animal Lovers

  The "Great Outdoors" makes a pretty poor home for housecats, so when Hope For Paws hears about a mom and her newborn litter of kittens hiding out in a gas station drainage pipe, they team up with California volunteers to give this new family a second chance. Because the pipe

After Much Tragedy, Woman Finds Solace In Skydiving

  In times of desperation and heartache, Nicole Smith turned to skydiving for peace and excitement. After losing her husband in 2010, she reacclimated her life and worked up the courage to go through AFF ground school. She found love again and lost it to uncontrollable circumstances, finding herself in the