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Twerk Responsibly & Don’t Go Climbing Water Fountains!

A little "twerk" never killed nobody, but it certainly makes for a hilarious fail on this CancĂșn party boat. One second the queen of twerk is shaking her hips and the next, she's overboard! Surprisingly, the saltwater bath doesn't seem to dampen this party animal's enthusiasm. In case you've ever been

Sassy Toddler Gives Boy A Piece Of Her Mind

Oooooo Sayer is in trouble and Mila is going to let him know he did wrong. This sassy little chica caught Sawyer at the park with another girl and she's going to dial him up on her "phone." He better prep himself because Mila has got one feisty attitude. "Never

Sleepless Girl Overcomes Disorder With Smiles

  Three-year-old Ever was born with Angelman syndrome, a rare genetic and neurological disorder that allows her to live on just hours of sleep each night. Nevertheless, loving parents Robin Audette and Kirk Hisko have adapted to their ever-cheerful daughter's unusual sleep habits and are grateful to finally have a diagnosis for

Girl Couldn’t Be More Enthralled With Mom’s Engagement

George and Marie-Eve have known each other for quite some time, so much so that George is nearly apart of the family. Her daughter Elodie has developed a tender relationship with George over the years so it's safe to say she approves. Marie-Eve begins to show her daughter a video

Abandoned Pup Thanks Rescuer With Kisses and Love

  Lonely, scared and left with no food or water this pooch leaps with joy when French road police heard the cries for help. Tied up in the tall brush, the dog has no hope of escaping on its own so these officers spared the animal's life. It's amazing how this

These Funny Kids Are In Over Their Heads

  For little Mariah, lemon juice looks awfully like a yummy bottle of juice. Unfortunately for the adorable little girl, their similarities end there and she's stuck with a sour mouthful of yuck! At least Pop Rocks are sweet, though the explosive candy totally takes three-year-old McKenna aback when she tries

Artist Transforms Into Spooky Sequin Skeleton

  You can never have too many sequins. and Alexys Fleming from Madeyewlook is out to prove it. Instead of gluing the 800+ odd sequins haphazardly on her face, she lays down an artsy paint base and arranges them to make a spooky, fabulous skeleton mask! Hosted By: Christian Written

Cancer Survivor Hoists Herself Up Rocky Cliff

Just by the looks of this video, you would never guess that at 16-years-old Nikki Bradley was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Now, after beating the disease she is summiting nearly 600-feet above the shore in the Sturrall Headland of Ireland. This Irish-native has got