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A man pulls off the ultimate surprise for his wife

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Mercedes and Gustavo got married at a courthouse thirteen years ago, but he always wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams in a church. He told her they were going to a friend's wedding, but when she got there she realized it was actually her own wedding! All of her

Watch Three Guys Sneak Into Hollywood Movie Premieres

LOS ANGELES  – Three men successfully sneaked into two of the three big Hollywood movie premieres. Thomas, Matt and Derin, with the YouTube channel Yes Theory, talked their way into two of the premieres. They also tried printing fake tickets, and that attempt didn't work.

A winter sport gets a unique makeover

DANDERYD, SWEDEN – The guys from the StreetLab YouTube channel and TV show have come up with their own twist on curling. Their version is called human curling, where they remove the curling stone and use a person instead.

A snake in Australia apparently loves Lamborghinis

PALMWOODS, QLD, AUSTRALIA – A big red-bellied black snake was slithering around inside an old Lamborghini car door stored inside a shed. The owner of the shed called Lockie, with the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, to remove the serpent. He carefully uses a special hook to pull out the snake,

A hippopotamus attacks a man in his car

MOZAMBIQUE – Twenty-six-year-old welding inspector, Wikus Ceronie, captured an amazing encounter on camera as a hippo attacked his truck. He was traveling from Kruger National Park in South Africa into Mozambique when he spotted the wild animal and took out his phone to record it. That’s when the hippo charged

Security guards help rescue a homeless dog

CALIFORNIA – Members of Hope for Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, are called to catch a homeless dog outside a California business. Security guards at the company trapped the dog inside by shutting the gates after it wandered into the loading dock. Hope for Paws was able to corner