Ottumwa Police talk about child abuse investigation

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 2:16 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - A mother and her boyfriend are charged with child endangerment after authorities investigated a call about possible child abuse.

Police say they found a two year old girl with bruising over her head and body on Saturday when they went to the home.

The child was removed from the home and taken to a loca hospital to be looked at.

Photos of the child’s injuries appeared on social media and were brought to the attention of police, but according to Lt. Jason Bell, their investigation started prior to the photos circulating and he adds an investigation this sensitive take time.

“We just have to do our due diligence and make sure that we are not arresting the wrong person and we have a very good understanding of what happened before we put somebody through the arrest process.”

The mother of the child Ashley Moser and her boyfriend Donald Graham were arrested on Wednesday, June 24th and are now charged with child endangerment causing bodily injury.

We asked Lt. Bell if they had been called to his home in the past.

“I can’t speak on behalf of other agencies like the department of human services if they had or not but nothing like this particular incident has been reported to us before.”

Bell say although the child has significant bruising, there were no broken bones or internal injuries.

He says the girl has been released from the hospital and is now with a relative.

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