Oskaloosa band students wear masks while performing

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 9:30 AM CDT
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OSKALOOSA, Iowa (KYOU)- High school band students in Oskaloosa are not only making music but being safe while doing it.

The high school band director Christopher Copeland says the idea sparked from a Facebook group post.

“There was a story that came out on Facebook, that showed the New Mexico State University marching band performing with these masks and there is a local company in Las Cruces, New Mexico that made these masks as a family company." He says.

Not only are the students wearing masks but also bell covers for brass instruments. Copeland says the intention in doing this is to try to control the spread of Covid.

“The reason why we’re performing with these masks is that the S.H.M.A, state high school music association came out with guidelines about how to control the aerosol spread in a performance space for all ensembles,” he says.

Prior to school being in session, the band director had one on one zoom calls to rehearse with students and says the transition wasn’t easy but the students don’t seem to mind band member Autumn Deronde who says, “honestly at least we’re playing, it’s not the best but I like to play so it helps”.

Copeland says their biggest focus right now is playing together as one community to have fun, make music, and doing it safely.

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