Bloomfield City Administrator Explains His Resignation and Work in Bloomfield

Andy Morris resigned last week and prepares to leave a city he's come to enjoy.
Andy Morris resigned last week and prepares to leave a city he's come to enjoy.(KYOU)
Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 6:00 AM CDT
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BLOOMFIELD, Iowa (KYOU) - Bloomfield’s City Administrator Andy Morris announced his resignation last week. He plans for his last day to be Wednesday. He describe the job he’s had in Bloomfield for the past year as: “a job that keeps the council members and citizens in the loop.” Of course, Morris is known around the area for more than his work as city administrator in Bloomfield. He served as City Administrator in Ottumwa from 2006 to 2007, and returned in 20176 until he was put on administrative leave and resigning last year. Morris explains it as a mutual split. “It was time for [Ottumwa city leaders] to move on and it was time for me to move on as worked out well and we had an amenable break.”

He accepted the job in Bloomfield soon after as an interim city administrator until the mayor approached him and “said he’d like to know if you’d consider taking the job full time and I was very blessed to serve in that capacity.”

Morris started working on budgeting and developing city projects. in particular, he says he’s a big proponent of infrastructure. “There’s a formula I’ve heard several times: they say for every dollar a city put in infrastructure, water, sewer, gas, electric, hydro, whatever the case may get a return on your investment of about $3.20.”

And though Morris is leaving the job for Kansas City, citing family reasons, he’ll remember his time in Bloomfield fondly. “I really have enjoyed working here. I’ve enjoyed the community tremendously and I’ve really liked working here and Ithink I’ve also been productive.” For the time until a new city administrator is found, a city employee will take over some of the administrative duties.

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