Fairfield Health Officials Meet Virtually to Discuss Rising COVID-19 Cases

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 5:00 AM CST
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FAIRFIELD, Iowa (KYOU) - Jefferson County is seeing it’s sharpest peak of COVID-19 cases ever these last few weeks.

Fairfield has had 63 new active cases since Monday when Fairfield announced it’s closing all city buildings. The mayor, Connie Wilson, today holding an online conference with local health care partners, to discuss these growing numbers, and how important wearing masks and social distancing is to stop this increase.

Jefferson County Nurse, Chris Estle, warns these next few months will be hard on everyone, especially health care providers.

“All of us that are dealing with this on a daily basis are tired. And we can’t do our jobs and we can’t stop the spread by ourselves. We expect to have health care professionals to be available to take care of us in an emergency: delivering a baby, if we have a heart attack, if we have a car accident. We’re gonna see things happen and we’re gonna put such a stress on our systems that people may have to wait for other things to happen and you may have to prioritize or triage those things.”

Currently, Jefferson County Health Center is seeing 9 of its 25 beds taken up by COVID patients. That’s tripled since this summer.

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