Holiday Help: What to avoid feeding your pets on Thanksgiving

Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 10:03 PM CST
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OSKALOOSA, Iowa (KYOU) -Thanksgiving is just hours away and many of us can’t wait to dig into mashed potatoes and stuffing but think twice before giving your four-legged friends a meal of their own.

Oskaloosa Veterinarian Dr. Amy Keltner says she sees many pets in her clinic after the holidays after getting a thanksgiving meal of their own saying, “We see a lot of pets that come in around the holiday time with, the biggest one is pancreatitis.”

In order to avoid a trip to the vet and keep your pet safe Dr. Keltner advises families to stay away from these common Thanksgiving items saying: “Turkey bones, those can cause obstructions. They can puncture through the intestines. They can cause life-threatening infections internally.”

She also says avoid mashed potatoes, salads, and ham as they all contain toxins that are harmful to your dog.

“Some of the ones that people might not know about stuffing. So, stuffing often times has onion or garlic in it. That can cause fatal anemia in our pets,” Dr. Keltner adds.

But like many of us, our dogs are family so making sure they have something special on Thanksgiving is important.

“I would recommend sticking with dog treats. You can make homemade safe dog treats for them if you want something special. Their regular dog food is going to be the safest route to go.”

If your dog has come into contact with any Thanksgiving foods, the vet says you may not see symptoms right away and to keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. And, if you notice any discomfort or vomiting in your pet, contact your vet immediately.

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