Wapello County Political Parties share nomination methods for District 41

Wapello County Republicans and Wapello County Democrats prepare to nominate a candidate for...
Wapello County Republicans and Wapello County Democrats prepare to nominate a candidate for Senate District 41, sharing their methods for nomination.(source: KYOU)
Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 4:01 AM CST
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - As Marianette Miller-Meeks continues her first week in the House of Representatives, parties across Senate District 41 are holding nominations on Thursday evening to decide who will take her State Senate seat.

Trudy Caviness with the Wapello County Republicans says this special election is difficult.

“You’ve got to let people know it’s an election.”

She says most voters tend not to vote in special elections, especially in winter.

The Wapello County Republicans is preparing to vote on a candidate Thursday night.

Caviness says the Republicans are “looking for a candidate who will continue to vote and respect the values and the views of our district. And right now because it’s such a short election you’re looking for a candidate who maybe has some name recognition.”

According to Caviness, only two unnamed nominees have come forward, but any Republican can, so long as they have a delegate nominate them before Thursday night.

The Wapello County Democrats will be working with the other democratic county delegates on Thursday night as well.

Chair Melinda Padley-Jones explains each precinct has a certain amount of votes based on 2018′s turnout.

“Not one vote per person, it depends on how many votes the democratic candidate got in your precinct.

The Wapello County Democrats are looking for a candidate to reclaim the District 41 seat.

“The main thing is somebody who will represent our district well and I think somebody who will represent our district well will win.”

Two nominees have come forward for the Democrats - Mary Stewart, who lost the seat to Miller-Meeks in 2018, and Steve Siegel, former Wapello County Supervisor.

With the main parties’ nominees to be certified Thursday night, it’s then a quick three weeks before election day on Tuesday, January 26th.

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