Southeast Iowans react to breach of Capitol Building

Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 11:01 PM CST
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - The country will be talking about what happened Wednesday at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C for years to come. The protests turned riots drew strong opinions from folks across southeast Iowa.

Whether people do or don’t support President Trump, many people in southeast Iowa agree that what happened Wednesday in our nation’s capital was an embarrassment.

“It felt like our country was under attack by a bunch of thugs,” said one man. “It made me embarrassed for our country,” said a Fairfield woman. “Everything that happened last night wrong. I denounce it,” an Ottumwa man said. “I was really upset over what happened,” another woman said.

Some area residents are saying that the president is to blame for how things escalated Wednesday.

“They were spurned on and told to march down there on the Capitol by Trump. (He) said he would go with them, but he turned around and went and hid in the White House and then sat in there and watched TV while the whole thing unfolded. He belongs in jail,” said Erin Fox, of Fairfield. “He should be convicted and impeached immediately. In his last desperate attempts to start a coop, he’s going to start a war,” explained Robert Eaton, of Ottumwa.

Other area residents believe that the people involved in the riots weren’t even Trump supporters at all. They’re saying that this was the work of the anarchist organization, Antifa.

“They were not our people. I think it’s Antifa or BLM. Our people wouldn’t do that,” said Jeremiah Collins. “I think that President Trump is kind of getting a bad wrap in this. In the fact that, yes he did talk to all the people that were there that day. And he did ask them to go to the Capitol and show support and stuff. But he never instructed anybody to break into the Capitol Building,” said Connie Rosenbalm.

Wednesday’s protests all stemming from claims that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. Now, questions remain as to why law enforcement wasn’t better prepared, and how protesters would have been treated if it were a Black Lives Matter event.

“It was awfully funny how they were kind of just let right in. If they were African Americans or Muslims, there would’ve been dead bodies. Enough is enough. He lost,” Erin Fox continued. “His election was stolen. We know he won. We know we’re disenfranchised. This is a bad deal,” Jeremiah Collins said.

A divide between Americans as we near Inauguration Day on January 20th.

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