Governor Kim Reynolds makes a stop in Mount Pleasant for an open discussion

Published: Feb. 12, 2021 at 11:30 PM CST
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MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa (KYOU) -Governor Kim Reynolds visited several Eastern Iowa communities to allow the people of Iowa to voice their concerns on matters they would like addressed.

Friday’s last stop was in Mount Pleasant at the Grange Public House where she discussed foundational investments like broadband internet.

“As we come out of Covid-19 we’re funding things like broadband because we know that this isn’t a luxury anymore. This is a utility, its critical infrastructure and if we’re going to see our communities expand flourish, and grow and we retain and attract people to the state of Iowa and companies, that’s an investment we need to make,” says Governor Reynolds.

She says although broadband, housing, and childcare are among her top three priorities, she’s still focusing on providing the Covid-19 vaccines.

“So we got about 60,000 this week and just two weeks ago it was 19,500. So we’re seeing an increase in vaccines which is good news. It’s still not anywhere close to enough but as soon as we get those vaccines in we’re getting those allocated to counties all across the state.”

Patricia Morley who is was present during the open discussion says she feels optimistic about what’s to come.

“I feel like the governor and other officials are all on the same page with what our needs are I hope that we continue to move forward at a faster pace maybe than we have in the past and it seems like that’s happening so I’m excited about that.”

Governor Reynolds adds that education and mental health is something she’s looking forward to working on as well.

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