City Projects and Infrastructure at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 10:22 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - With warmer weather and wind, trash is blowing more around Ottumwa.

To counter this, the City’s bringing back Make Ottumwa Shine, after it was canceled last year from the pandemic.

The city offers volunteers trash bags and latex gloves at City Hall. The Clean Up Event is set for the week of May 16th.

Mayor Tom Lazio gave the City Council the rousing cry: “Let’s get our town spruced up.”

The long discussed Human Rights Commission is still not quite ready.

City Administrator Rath says he’s having meetings every two weeks with interested citizens, and hopes to be able to present something to the council by June.

Renovations are set to begin on the Ottumwa Regional Airport’s runway.

Contract bidding will start at the end of April, with an estimate cost of $442,000.

The airport’s manager, Chris Cobler, says 100% of the funds will be covered by the FAA.

“It kinda sounds like they have leftover COVID money, and they’re looking for ways to use that.”

And the North side river wall will have to be raised by a foot based on a re-rated FEMA profile.

The 1,350 stretch between the Hydro Dam and Wapello Street Bridge is estimated to cost around $65,000.

Public Works Director Larry Seals explains FEMA’s re-evaluation negates the original design of the river wall.

“So what used to be considered a lot of freeboard in our design just doesn’t exist anymore.”

Similar to the runway project, bids will begin at the end of April.

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