Clive family dealing with aftermath of immigration ban

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 4:57 PM CDT
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CLIVE, Iowa (KYOU) -

In hopes of a better life, Jayne Chepwogen and her seven-year-old son Andy came to America to plant their roots.

In 2016, searching for opportunity, Jayne and Andy packed their bags for Clive, Iowa and left their home country of Kenya behind.

But that’s not all they left behind - Amos, Jayne’s husband and Andy’s father, has been living in Kenya without his family for four years saying “it’s been hard.”

Without the proper visas, Amos was unable to make the journey himself.

“The only communication that we have is WhatsApp and video calls. You’re wishing he was there,” Jayne shared.

“It’s not enough,” Amos added via videochat in Kenya.

And now, years later, Amos is still waiting to be reunited with his family and missing out on those precious moments with his son saying: “It’s been two years without seeing him. I’m missing a lot in his life as a father.”

Then, last year’s immigration ban affected millions of hopeful immigrants in the Middle East and West Africa - including Amos - leaving his customs interview in limbo until President Biden revoked the ban in January.

Now, Amos is waiting on that final interview to give him the chance, he’s been waiting years for.

“I have so many dreams about being with them and being together. We were even planning on having another kid. Andy has been asking for a small sister or brother. for so many days he’s been singing ‘I want a sister’ or ‘I want a brother.’ You know, he’s lonely too.”

Now, as this family continuously sits on hold trying to be a family 8000 miles apart until they can one day be together again.

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