Local politicians react to anti-abortion constitution amendment

Published: Apr. 7, 2021 at 11:09 PM CDT
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The Iowa Senate says the state constitution does not protect the right to an abortion. The constitutional amendment passed on Tuesday in a 30 to 17 vote adding a “protection of life” section to the constitution.

Planned Parenthood of Iowa took to their Facebook to share their stance on the issue saying “personal medical decisions should be made by individuals with their doctor, family, and faith. not politicians.”

To become law - the measure must be approved for a second time by the general assembly before it goes on the ballot.

KYOU spoke with District 41 Senator Adrian Dickey about the new measure. He said, “As I do with all bills, I listen to and consider the input that I receive from the great constituents in senate district 41 when I cast my vote. On this particular issue, the amount of correspondence that I received on this bill was immensely in support of this legislation. I have always been a proponent for protecting life, and I was proud to have had the backing from our great district to support and vote for this bill.”

Mary Stewart with the Wapello Democrats also weighed in and shared with us her statement saying: “It is the fundamental right of each individual to manage his or her fertility. Reproductive rights are an integral part of women’s social, economic and political rights. It is an intimate decision made between each woman and her physician. The supreme court upheld that decision and state legislators should not place themselves in the position of governing women’s bodies. It is a woman’s decision, not her legislators decision. The LWV supports this fundamental right.”

It would appear on state ballots in the November 2024 election.

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