Fairfield High School will go from semester to trimester

Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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FAIRFIELD, Iowa (KYOU) - Going from in-person learning to Hybrid learning and back can be quite the transition.

Brian Stone is the Fairfield High School Principal. He says the district is taking what some may consider a difficult challenge and turning it into a new learning opportunity.

“As I always tell our students and our staff with challenges come opportunities and we’re just taking that and utilizing it as a learning opportunity and figuring out ways we can do things bigger and better than ever before.”

One way he and the school board have gone about doing that is by switching from semesters to trimesters. Stone says this change is being made due to students and staff just needing more time.

“The students were trying to manage and juggle so many classes at one time so now we will have a six-period day instead of an eight-period day.”

Students, faculty, and parents came together to discuss concerns that lead to this decision. Stone says he’s excited because this gives the students more flexibility and opportunities to look into things that may be of interest to them like band.

“In the past, we’d be on an A/B day where we would have band one day and have vocal the next and now we’re going to be having band every day for 65 minutes which is going to be a huge bonus.”

He says what used to be 48 minute periods will soon be 65 minute periods and this change in schedule can be expected to take place next fall.

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