Indian Hills Community College previews their auction to raise money for scholarships

Published: Apr. 23, 2021 at 7:38 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - When asked how many items will be at Indian Hills Community College’s annual auction, Blaire Siems said “I can’t even give you a number. I mean, the entire new Diesel facility that we built a couple years ago is completely full. And we’ll have stuff outside as well.”

Some of these items come from the college, but many are donated by people in the community.

Furniture, lawn carts, hundreds of knickknacks, VHS tapes, old TVs. It’s like a thrift store has erupted onto Indian Hills’ North Campus.

Siems says “there’s really something for everybody here.”

The proceeds from the auction will go to student scholarships.

A typical year will raise around $20,000, which goes to help around 20 students.

But this isn’t a typical year. The auction was canceled last year over concerns of spreading COVID-19. But now that it’s back in full swing, Siems says, “we’ve got more stuff than we’ve ever had. So hopefully we can go above and beyond that $20,000 number.”

Siems says the auction doesn’t stop until everything’s gone. Her expectation is for around 300 people to show up.

The doors will open Saturday at 8, to give people a chance to scout out the items they want. Then, the auction kicks off at 9.

“There is a lot of stuff, but the community really does know that it’s for a great cause. So the community does a great job of showing up and helping our students.”

The auction will be held in the Diesel Tech facility, on Indian Hill’s North Campus.

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