Wedding Season: Couples reschedule weddings as restrictions relax

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 8:50 PM CDT
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A new era of weddings is on the horizon. Following a year of limited guest lists, mask mandates, and closed venues, things are looking up for brides in a post-pandemic world.

Now, with CDC lifting mask guidelines, weddings are being rescheduled and those guest lists are beginning to go up.

Pella Opera House Executive Director Cyndi Atkins says brides are eager to save the date. “What’s surprising to me right now though is we are getting calls for 2022. Which is early for us to be getting 2022 calls. But, people who are looking ahead and wanting to book ahead when they know some of this is all going to be passed,” Atkins shared.

Atkins also says everyone is ready to get families and friends all together without strict guidelines and guest limits. “When we first started with maybe 70 guests and then numbers eased a little bit. Then it went up to 115 guests. And, the next thing we know we are up to 225. So, its been interesting seeing things progress and seeing people say ‘Yup, I can do things a little bit more normal it’s exciting.’”

With those rescheduled weddings comes the best part the wedding dress boutique owner of Bridal Dreams in Oskaloosa Stephanie Timm shares that things are picking back up for brides looking for that special dress after a year of let downs and the unknown.

“They’ve had to have a lot of patience but they’ve been troopers. You know knowing that things kind of have to be day-to-day changing with their venues and being super flexible.”

For what has felt like an eternity for some couples will soon be well worth the wait in a post-pandemic world to marry the love of their life.

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