The Oskaloosa community comes together to support a local family after a house fire

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 12:44 AM CDT
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OSKALOOSA, Iowa (KYOU) - On Sunday, April 25th Clint and Tara Dye were spending their day being productive outdoors doing spring cleaning in the backyard. That’s when Tara says her oldest son alerted them of something unusual.

“We heard our oldest kiddo yell smoke! he said he saw smoke from the garage.”

Then shortly after she heard her second child scream, that’s when she says they knew they needed to investigate.

“He went up to the garage and came sprinting back yelling fire fire fire!”

She says once they saw the fire, the job seemed too big for an extinguisher, so they gathered the kids to safety, called the fire department, and waited for help to arrive.

Between the fire and water damage in the basement, the dye’s say most of their clothes were a total loss and once word got out they received so much support from the community that the only thing they’re currently in need of is a new home.

“As of right now we don’t have a need for anything. Everybody has already covered all of that for us. Honestly, we have enough clothes for the kids for the next two years.”

One thing that wasn’t a total loss that the fire department happened to save was their Gecko named Thor, whom they say is safe and sound with all the crickets he can eat.

The cause of the fire wasn’t determined but the family says they assume it was faulty wiring.

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