Ottumwa residents voice their complaints on a recent garbage issue

Published: May. 5, 2021 at 10:37 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - Recently there have been complaints circling around about trash in the yards of homes and businesses being left behind in Ottumwa, particularly on West Second Street.

Sandra Espinoza, who’s a business owner on West Second Street, isn’t sure who’s responsible for it but says she’s fed up.

“It’s just ridiculous, there’s times where I’ve had to pick up big large trash bags off the ground from the middle of the road. There are neighbors that are picking up the trash, they’ll gather it, and the next thing you know there’s trash all over again.”

City Administrator Philip Rath says his staff has not received any recent complaints about the Bridge City Sanitation, however, there will be a survey provided for residents to voice their opinions.

“Part of the contract was to include customer satisfaction surveys. We’re also working on a number of things that help identify customer service and contact between the residents that use service and the contractor and ways we can strive to improve that service.”

He says this survey plays a role in the potential renewal of its ten-year contract as well.

Espinoza says this issue should be resolved by not only the city but local residents too.

“Everybody needs to take care of our town. It’s not the responsibility of just the city. We all live here, just clean up after yourselves.”

If you’d like to voice a concern, click this link to the City of Ottumwa website.

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