Camp Invention takes place this week at Evans Middle School in Ottumwa

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 12:49 AM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - Evans Middle School is hosting the 5th annual Camp Invention summer program this week. It is a national non-profit program that relates to STEM concepts and this year’s theme is recharge.

Breanna Dehrkoop, who is the director of Camp Invention in Ottumwa, says students will get a chance to rotate through five different modules every day.

“One of the modules is a game module. So lots of physical activity, if you think of physical education classes. Another one is the solar bot, with that students are going to be learning about solar energy.

The third one is called a road rally. So students are going to be building their own cars and they’ll be racing them and learning a bit more about velocity and trajectory.

Another one is an open mic and in that one, students are learning about how to reverse engineer their own microphone and they’ll be learning about acoustical engineering and sound waves.

Then the final one is called duck chuck. Students will be launching ducks with catapults learning about velocity.”

The program is for students from kindergarten up to sixth grade and currently, there are a total of 100 students involved this year compared to lasts year’s total of 32 students where the learning happened over zoom due to covid.

Maya Joshi, who is a student in the program says what she loves most about attending the camp.

“I like meeting new people and I’ve made lots of new friends here and also learning new stuff.”

Madalynn Sertterh, who is also in the program, says she enjoys the many different things to try.

“There are so many new and cool inventions that you get to make and try out and you get to mess around with all sorts of different things.”

Ottumwa is one of 14 camps in the state.

The director says students outside of the Ottumwa School District are welcome to join the program as well as those within the district.

If you’re interested, go online to to find a camp near you.

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