COVID-19 cases rise in Adair County

Updated: Jul. 12, 2021 at 9:00 PM CDT
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KIRKSVILLE, Missouri (KYOU) - COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Missouri. Health officials are blaming this on the delta variant. The Adair County Health Department recently revealed their June COVID-19 testing numbers were nearly four times the amount that they were in May.

Part of the reason for that rise could be the delta variant, which the CDC calls a more contagious variant of the base COVID-19. Last week the Adair County Health Department announced they had found a delta variant in the county. They took a random sample from a COVID-19 case; it came back as a positive sample for delta. Which means other cases could be delta here in the county.

As of Monday evening, Adair county has a 7.3% positivity rate. Still high compared to some counties in Iowa, but lower than it was for Adair county last week, where they hit a peak of nearly 20%.

KYOU spoke with several people and business owners around Kirksville to get their opinion on the delta variant. Some said they are going to continue to wear masks, even after being vaccinated. Some said nothing’s going to change for them. Some said they were unfamiliar with the delta variant.

CDC guidance has not changed for the delta variant specifically.

Health officials continue to say to get a vaccine if you can, otherwise wear a mask, and social distance when possible.

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