Missing dog rescued from Chariton River in Centerville

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 10:34 PM CDT
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CENTERVILLE, Iowa (KYOU) - Being at the right place and at the right time was the case for Shakira Sias and her sister-in-law Jessica Rose, who found a missing dog while kayaking at Chariton River near Centerville.

Sias says they decided to go kayaking on a whim. She was skeptical at first because of the weather but says she’s glad that they decided to do it.

“Thankfully we did because not even 20 minutes into our trip there was a brush pile and I had just looked up and into the river bank and I had seen a white outline and it was Ethyl’s face.”

Ethyl is a dog who had been missing from home for several days.

That’s when Jessica and her husband sprung into action fighting against the current to get to Ethyl.

Covered in ticks and scratches, the rescuers say it looked like Ethyl went without food for about six days.

Jessica says she was weak when they got to her and could have drowned if she tried to get to the water.

“If she had tried to get down further to get a drink from the river she would not have been able to get back up. She would’ve been swept away in the brush pile and drowned.”, says Shakira.

Chariton River is about 5 miles away from home for the dog.

Ethyl’s owner Kim Hindley spoke with KYOU over the phone and says she’s an inside dog and wouldn’t normally travel that far.

“Sunday night is when we got home and she was gone and we went looking all over for her yelling until about 2 AM in the morning and she didn’t come back, so I knew she went further than up the hill.”

Jessica and Shakira encourage all pet owners to get tags on their pets.

Kim Hindley says she plans on getting together with the women in the future to show her appreciation for saving Ethyl.

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