Underground Barbell gym has a clean sweep at Iowa competition

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 11:20 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - This past weekend was a win for Underground Barbell Gym in Ottumwa.

All of the competitors took part in the U.A.P Battle of the Mississippi challenge.

All local competitors brought home an award and success.

The competitors say competitions like this past one helps push themselves and achieve new goals.

Jeramy Ingle is the owner of the Ottumwa gym, he placed first in his division and also took home the award for Best Lifter.

Training is a challenge, not just physically but mentally, too.

Brittany Rouze, who took part in the competition said, “it’s a challenging sport because you challenge yourself and competing for yourself.”

She adds mentally pushing yourself is important to see progress. The training is so rigorous most members only compete twice a year.

The medal or trophy is not the only award to take home. Accomplishments and new goals to achieve are what the competitors look to for success.

Rouze says doing her best for herself and her gym is what she works towards and breaking a personal record and pushing to a new goal with her coach is what she wanted to do.

She was the first girl in her gym to break over 1,000.

Valerie Clayton of Oskaloosa won first place in Women’s Raw Open Full Power.

Physical and mental strength is crucial for competitions such as powerlifting.

Whenever someone from Underground Barbell Gym competes, remembering their training and the push they have behind them keeps them going.

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