Weeks after flash floods, Eldon is looking “back to normal”

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 10:06 PM CDT
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ELDON, Iowa (KYOU) - Eldon residents are recovering from the flash flood from weeks ago. The damage was so severe that Governor Reynolds issued a disaster proclamation, opening people in Wapello County to state grants.

The water flooded several homes and businesses around Eldon. But in the weeks since, people in Eldon are seeming to recover. Mayor Jerry Lee Potts of Eldon says city staff has repaired around 65% of the infrastructure that was damaged in the storm. But business- and home-owners are still working to clean up their buildings.

For instance, Eldon City Hall’s neighboring building had its basement flooded with several feet of water. The water has drained, but mud still caked much of the floor. And the owners of the business are looking for extra funding to help them get back on their feet. They say they haven’t had much luck yet, but they’re trying.

The state grant is available for anyone under a certain income level. Sieda Community Action is acting as the middleman, screening people to see if they’ll qualify. They also offer Disaster Case Management, where they’ll create a recovery plan for clients.

But Rick Hindsley hasn’t qualified. His basement flooded during the storm. He isn’t optimistic about getting any funding, and says he’s facing costs of several thousand dollars to repair his basement.

Across the city, interest might be dropping as well. Eldon’s Deputy City Clerk says several people initially called about assistance, but she hasn’t gotten any calls in the past two weeks. She says things around Eldon seem to be looking back to normal.

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