Spotted any armadillos around lately? Help Iowa officials track sightings

Armadillos spotted in Southeast Iowa.
Armadillos spotted in Southeast Iowa.
Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 9:16 PM CDT
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Armadillos have made their way to Southeast Iowa.

Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources says they have been tracking the animals for nearly four years. James Coffey with Iowa DNR says he’s confirmed 17 sightings just in 2021 alone.

Armadillos join us from the south, but officials say they can’t survive the harsh winters here in Iowa.

“They can jump as high as three to four feet. And, that can scare people. They usually jump to scare their predator that may be attacking them. At the same time they curl up into a ball and then they hide themselves inside of their shell,” Coffey shared about the animals.

He added that many sightings are seen off to the side of the road as armadillos believe car are predators and jump at the cars.

If you spot an armadillo, Coffey advises to not approach them. If it’s safe to do so, snap a picture and send it to Coffey directly at

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