Bloomfield woman attacked by dogs speaks out

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 8:09 PM CDT
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Bloomfield, Iowa (KYOU) - On the night of July 28th, Rachel Jones was walking her dog when two dogs appeared and chased after them. Jones did not have time to react when the two dogs started jumping on her and biting at her.

“At that moment two dogs saw us and ran straight for us at a dead run,” said Jones.

She looked around trying to find a direction to run in, but it was too late. Eventually, she fell to the ground screaming for help. Struggling, Jones took out her pepper spray and used it against the two dogs attacking; it did not do much because even when the dogs were sprayed they eventually kept attacking.

In the moment of screaming for help Jones thought she and her dog were both going to die. “I really felt in that moment that we may die right there if we didn’t get help,” said Jones.

Her dog screaming in pain, Jones and her dog were taken to a near by home where their wounds were treated. There were five witnesses to this attack, according to Jones, and only one was taken down by the officer on duty.

This was not Jones’s first encounter with these two dogs. Back on July 10th Jones was walking in Bloomfield Square when the two dogs spotted her. Luckily, she was able to escape into a near by business. Police documents show the two dogs are known for their attacks, and Jones is not the only one who has reported on the animals.

The city of Bloomfield has ordinances that are in place for attacks like the one that happened to Jones. The owners will receive a fine. “The first offense is a warning, the second is a citation of $100.00 and the third is a citation of $250.00,” said Assistant Chief Zach Dunlavy.

According to Dunlavy, there are no amount of strikes an owner can receive for their dog, that is discussed through court.

The two dogs have been reported in the past for running loose, being aggressive and biting. The couple who own the two dogs have been cited and taken to court before, according to police. Due to the fines not being paid in the ten day window and failure to show the dogs shot records, both dogs were euthanized Monday.

On Tuesday, Jones shared the couple has already gotten a new dog.

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