Flu season is upon us and health experts say you should get a shot soon

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 5:34 PM CDT
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - There has been a lot of attention on the Covid vaccine, but you also need to think about protection from the flu.

According to Joyce Chouinard, a Nurse Practitioner at the Easy-Care Walk-in Clinic says there are different flu strains and the shot gives you the antibodies to fight it off. “If you come in contact with it [the flu] you either do not get sick or you do not get as sick.”

The best time to get the flu shot is by the end of October. The reason for that time according to Chouinard, “It takes approximately seven to 21 days for us to build an immune response after getting that vaccination.” She also says, the colder months cause the virus to spread easier, whereas hotter temperatures kill the virus.

Professionals say you can get your flu shot and covid vaccine at the same time, you just need to get them administered in different arms. Originally, it was recommended you wait 14 days, but that was out of caution.

Health experts say those with chronic health conditions or who are pregnant can get the flu shot.

The shot is not given to anyone under the age of six months or people with severe life-threatening allergies to the vaccine ingredients.

Chouinard says if you do find yourself or someone you know with the flu and their symptoms consist of trouble breathing, blue or gray skin tone, or chest pain should call 911 or call your doctor.

Reasons, why to get the flu shot, are to protect your family. Keeping your friends and family safe is important according to Christine Gayman, assistant vice president of communications with Hy-vee.

Health professionals say the flu virus can also live on hard surfaces for 24 hours, leaving plenty of time for it to spread. You should avoid touching your face so you do not get the germs in your system and become sick.

To get the flu shot all you need to do is talk to your health care provider or head over to a Hy-vee pharmacy.

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