Davis County High School students get real work experience while developing a strategic communication plan

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 10:37 PM CDT
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BLOOMFIELD, Iowa (KYOU) - On November 2, voters will be heading to the polls. In Davis County, the public will be voting on whether or not the school district can continue using the SAVED funds for needs like new buildings or other improvements.

District leaders wanted to make sure voters understand what they are voting on. They turned to the students in the high school Business Communications class to help get the message out.

The students were challenged to come up with a strategic communication plan to educate people on the measure and get it published in the local paper.

Superintendent Dan Maeder says this hands-on opportunity is something the students will remember. “So, we had an authentic learning experience for our kids that will make a difference through the community for many many years to come, so they will be able to look back and say I had an impact on that.”

Senior Kara Greiner says she has never done a project like this before and feels more prepared to go into a marketing career. “It was a good stepping stone to pursuing that career.”

Business Teacher Kelsi Sankot says the students have gained great communication skills through this project. “Superintendent they communicated with him, they communicated with the newspaper they’ve communicated with anyone whatever project it is. They are doing the communicating, not me.”

Maeder says he’s happy with the work the students did, now he hopes the public will do its part. “We hope that folks are well informed when they go to the polls and make the right decision based upon good information.”

The work the students created can be found in the local paper next week.

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