The search is still on for an Albia man who’s been missing for 37 years

Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 10:45 PM CDT
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ALBIA, Iowa (KYOU) - Mark Milligan, the Albia man who has been searching for his missing brother for over 30 years has joined forces with another individual to help locate their missing family member as well. He says he doesn’t want anyone to have to search as long as he has. “I don’t want to see his story be 37 years later before his family gets an answer,” says Milligan.

He and a few others have so far placed four out of seven signs around Albia and Moravia of not only his brother Harry but also of a man by the name of Sebastion Husted, who was reported missing since January of 2018.

Milligan says he’s doing this because families deserved to know what happened to their missing loved ones. “It’s not just one missing person, there are over 300 missing people in the state of Iowa right now today. but families deserve answers,” he says.

Jerry Kaster, the homeowner who approved for one of the signs to be placed in his yard says he was more than happy to help these families any way he can. We decided this would be a really good location. I’ve been following both cases and I want everybody to see these two guys every day they drive by so that we can get it out there and get these guys brought back to their families. It’s been a long time,” says Kaster.

He says both pictures are on the sides of the billboard that are facing the towns from which they went missing. “Leave Centerville heading north of Albia you’ll see Harry, coming south going to Centerville you’ll see Ty,” Kaster explains.

Milligan says he’s not going to stop searching until he finds out what happened to his brother. “That’s the main thing is just keeping it alive. I live with it every day so they should have to at least see it every day,” he says.

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