CO2 shortage impacting Iowa breweries

Some Iowa breweries say they are concerned about the possibility of a beer shortage.
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 8:06 AM CDT
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WAUKEE, Iowa (KCCI) - Iowa breweries are already dealing with the hurdles of access to aluminum and cardboard, but a looming CO2 shortage is adding to the difficulty.

The challenge is forcing Zach Dobeck, the owner of Waukee-based Kinship Brewing Company, to get creative to keep his company brewing.

Experts said the CO2 shortage is due to ammonia and ethanol plants, which produce CO2, not being able to keep up with production due to shutdowns or COVID-19 complications.

Dobeck said Kinship uses a technique that allows them to take the natural CO2 that’s generated during the fermentation process of their beer and reuse it.

“It allows us to save a little money too, so we’re not 100 percent reliant on CO2,” said Dobeck.

CO2 is used to give the beer its carbonation, and it helps give the beer a better taste.

“We’re not feeling the impact as much, but again this is not a 100 percent fix,” Dobeck said. “This is just a way we can sustain on that.”

Kinship produces mostly lagers. Dobeck said it is a cheaper beer to make and allows them to keep their prices low.