‘Don’t lose hope’: Wife gets wedding ring back after losing it down the drain

A woman in Connecticut got a surprise of a lifetime with the return of her lost wedding ring. (Source: WFSB)
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 2:37 PM CDT
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FARMINGTON, Conn. (WFSB/Gray News) - A Connecticut woman says her wedding ring was somehow found days after losing it down the drain.

Deanna Crooks told WFSB that she was in Hartford over the weekend when she decided to take her wedding ring off to sanitize her hands. But that’s when her happiness went down the drain.

“Just suffice to say my nickname growing up was ‘butterfingers,’” Crooks said.

It’s a nickname that made a comeback over the weekend when she was with her husband, Chris Francis, meeting a real estate client.

“She opened the door, and all I heard was, ‘oh my God,’ and she said, ‘my ring fell,’” Francis said.

Crooks said her ring literally went down the drain.

“I lost my appetite. I love food. So, for me not to eat, it’s a huge deal,” Crooks said.

However, her husband didn’t lose hope. He called water utility services, and they came out the next day to check the home.

“Don’t lose hope when you think you lost something. The goodness of people still exists,” Francis said.

The water utility services team broke the news to Francis about them finding his wife’s wedding ring. They formed a plan to surprise Francis at work, with them personally delivering it.

“I couldn’t do more than hug him. I was speechless,” Francis said.

She now promises not to take off her ring again.